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Our Creative Process

We engage in and communicate with client on every stage of our creative process, producing the most precise and effective end-products. Let’s go through our process together!

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We would firstly immerse into the situation, collect and analyze the information related to your brand/product, such as their advertising history and style, their potential competitors and target customers.

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Setting appropriate and clear objectives gives everyone in the process a clear picture of what to be achieved so as to plan ahead creative strategies and solutions.

The BIG Idea

Successful marketing campaign comes from Creative ideas. It helps to formulae an array of effective communication strategies and methods to communicate the brand’s message to their customers.

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With clear strategies and creative ideas, design starts. We visualize the ideas in the actual form, allowing the actual execution to be foreseeable and virtually touchable.

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Review, Revise and Refine

We never stop striving for a better design solutions. Revisions and comments improve the design and enhance the concept.


Now, we process to final product! We will hear comments and feedbacks from our clients and their customers to keep improve and fine tune the work.

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